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Precision Guidance on Demand

AR Visualization Hub

SyncAR® for Spine provides the surgeon with a comprehensive and immersive view of the spine via Surgical Theater 360°-3D XR models, delivered within AR headset.

SyncAR® for Spine

AR 360° Visualization Hub


StealthStation™ S8

Surgical Navigation System

SyncAR® seamlessly integrates with Medtronic StealthStation S8 to deliver critical visual navigation information to every procedure.

SyncAR® for Spine Provides

An AR Model that Allows you to Maintain Focus on the Operative Field Throughout Surgery

Dynamic visualization – see through the 360XR model during surgery to visualize anatomy ahead of your trajectory

Immersive intraoperative guidance

Navigated tools and DICOM images displayed within AR environment

Advanced 360°-3D XR visualization merges MRI and CT together to view bones, spinal cord, vessels, nerves, and more

Screw marker placed on previous path

Legacy DICOM injected into headset for planning

Guidance to placed hardware plans