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SyncAR® seamlessly integrates with Medtronic StealthStation S8 and optics to deliver an AR overlay direct to your microscope oculars. SyncAR® for Cranial includes endoscopic capabilities, expanding the surgeon’s view beyond the restrictive visual boundaries of the endoscope, giving the surgeon the ability to see BEHIND, AROUND and even THROUGH ANY ANATOMY of interest in 360° Augmented Reality

StealthStation™ S8

Surgical Navigation System


SyncAR® for Cranial

AR 360° Visualization Hub


Leica and Zeiss Microscopes

How SyncAR® Works

Stay on Track and in Control

Heads-up-display shows synchronized augmentation of vascular structures, pathology, and DTI white matter tracks aligned to your surgical field of view

Adjust your focal point and fade in or out of semi-transparent structures

Control settings – such as opacity – can be adjusted via the attached foot switch

SyncAR® Surgical Video

See Critical Structures in Real Time

Focus on the Patient at all Times

Overlay 360° AR rendering onto the live image and see anatomy from all angles without changing operative methods, so you never have to take your eyes off the surgical site.

Display a synchronized virtual probe for better visual awareness during surgery.

SyncAR® integrates with existing image guidance systems and current operating room workflows.

Optic Nerve Realignment