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The first and only evidence-based visualization platform

Visualizing the surgical experience based on traditional views presents the illusion that surgeons and patients can see the whole picture

Most medical facilities only offer flat, single-plane scans in 2D, which limits the ability to see all aspects of the anatomy. This leaves patients feeling blind to the details of their surgery, and surgeons trying to create a 3D image in their minds.

See surgery like never before with experiential 360°-3D technology

With Surgical Theater’s 360°-3D XR Visualization, you’re not just bringing all your 2D images and data to life in a single model. You’re bringing patients and physicians together to visualize the surgical experience like never before.

Discover the difference of a visually driven,
experiential education

Whether you’re walking patients through the procedural plan in the clinic or helping residents get the surgical practice they need, 360°-3D XR Visualization delivers education through an engaging experience

Patients And Families

Simultaneously navigate patient-specific models to help patients and families visualize complex anatomy to gain the deep understanding and trust needed to make informed medical decisions

Facilitate shared decision-making through personalized and interactive experiences

Bridge communication barriers like age and language skills

Improve surgeon-patient communication to help ensure greater patient conversion rates, outcomes, and satisfaction

Patient Engagement Platform

Discover the patient engagement tool that brings patient-specific virtual reality reconstructions directly to the patient.

Surgical Teams And Residents

360°-3D XR Visualization delivers meaningful training and simulation opportunities for residents to develop skills and surgical teams to collaborate


Hone surgical skills while experiencing a dynamic, interactive instructional environment

Create collaborative, interactive environments in which to learn new techniques, review patient cases, and build powerful synchronization, exploration, and communication capabilities

Establish a center of clinical excellence built on innovative staff, exceptional education, and precision treatments with Surgical Theater 3D medical training

XR Studio

XR Studio is a multi-user environment powered by 360°-3D XR Visualization that allows for dynamic patient-specific case reviews, presentations, and education, delivered in a sleek and comfortable XR headset.

  • Allows surgeons and professors to walk residents and students through a case, guide the student’s view as they present, and demonstrate surgical techniques and approaches in a virtual operating room
  • Transports students into the patient- and pathology-specific XR reconstructions, where they can walk around or interactively navigate anatomy using a controller

Partnership with Intel

Intel delivers the ideal combination of power and performance for a wide range of health use cases, like medical imaging, remote patient monitoring, asset management, and more. With vision technology and deep learning capabilities at the edge, health organizations can realize new use cases—like predictive analytics—and faster response times.

Our built-in baseline suite of security capabilities makes it easier to implement a consistent security model that helps protect against a wide range of threats. With broad connectivity support, Intel streamlines data sharing between devices and the cloud, enabling remote care, asset management, and other strategies. And because Intel® products are designed for high reliability and a long lifetime, you can count on support for years to come.