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Educate & Collaborate

Educate & Collaborate

VR STudio

VR STudio is a collaborative networked, multi-user, multi-disciplinary environment powered by Precision VR to allow for dynamic patient-specific case review, presentations and education.

  • This VR classroom allows surgeons and professors to walk residents and students through a case like never before.
  • Instead of desks and chairs, students in the VR STudio sit in comfortable recliners and slip on their VR headsets as they enter into the patient- and pathology-specific VR reconstructions.
  • Students can walk around or interactively navigate the reconstruction using a controller to understand the patient-specific anatomy.
  • The surgeon or professor can control the student’s view as they present a case and then demonstrate surgical techniques and approaches.
  • In the future, VR STudio will be used to enhance telemedicine experiences, patient-engagement opportunities and broaden collaborative environments.

The SuRgical Planner (SRP)

SuRgical Planner accesses files from a patient’s traditional image modalities, such as CT or MRI scans, and processes the information to create patient-specific, VR reconstructions to help a neurosurgeon plan surgery, test different surgical techniques and educate the patient about their neurological condition.

  • The interactive, immersive reconstruction can be seen on a touchscreen and through the use of a VR headset, such as an Oculus Rift® or HTC Vive®.
  • Surgeons can fly through the brain and locate medical issues such as a tumor or an aneurysm and study it from every angle.
  • What SRP provides is especially important when developing an intricate surgical plan by allowing surgeons to test different techniques, tools and the optimal positioning needed to find the best surgical approach based on the patient-specific VR reconstruction.

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